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Hi, we're Anthea & Bonnie !

Come Join Our Amazing Team

Why Do I Do What I Do and Why I believe you should join My Team? 

There is something very special about working as a 1:1 Diet Consultant. not only do you spend your chosen working hours helping people change their lives, which brings such amazing job satisfaction.

But you also become part of a 7000 strong consultant family and work under a Head Office that supports you 100% and constantly recognises your achievements. How....I hear you ask, well in the last 9 years I have be awarded with

  • An all expenses paid trip to Paris, Lake Como and Im now on track for an amazing Miami trip
  • A Gucci Bracelet, Michale Kors watch, Pandora bracelet and multiple Shopping vouchers to name but a few.

So now you know how amazing The 1:1 Diet is to work under, why should you join my team? That's easy :-)

I have a fabulous team of approximately 192 across 4 generations, all of who are sucessful, friendly, great fun, a little crazy and very motivated.  We are all very supportive of of each other.  

Within our Team we have a range of business sizes, ranging from myself as a Diamond Level consultant, to Gold ,Silver and team members that buy just for themselves, all of who are as important as the next.. 

As a sponsor, I spend much of my time supporting and training my team using weekly zoom training sessions. I'm here to help you grow your business, set goals and generally supporting all my team in what ever way they need. I am always avaiable when needed, so you are never on your own. I run lots of team Incentives to help you stay motivated and a chance to win some amazing prizes.

We are a close team and have as much fun as we can together when ever possible, even though we are spread right across the country. 

So please come join us, it doesnt matter where you live or what size business you want, we are here to support you, help you develope a business that works around your lifestyle and most of all we want you to join our fabulous Team Flawless Family. 

We are so excited to have you join my Team Flawless and to help you build a fab business