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Hi, I'm Sandra!

Gold level consultant

I became a consultant in 2013 because the diet had worked so well for me after 16byearsvof failed diets and I just couldn't stop telling people about it. I really wanted to help other people succeed like I had and I also thought that maybe the little bit of extra income would pay for the family holiday each year.  How wrong was I? By the end of my first year, I was taking in £3k a week and made Champion status for which I was rewarded with an all expenses paid trip to Malta.

I started sponsoring in 2014 and my team members stretch from Wales to the Shetland Isles.  Also in 2014, I gave up my full time post as a senior manager in the public sector- a post I had held for 20 years and paid me a substantial salary a year. I gave that up to become a full time consultant because there are no limits to your earnings, you get a better work-life balance and you are doing something amazing in helping other people to change their lives for the better.....and in some cases actually saving them from an otherwise early death. 

Being a consultant gives you so much control over your working life. You can fit it in around your family, work and home life.  There are no targets so you can have as big or small a business as you like.  For example, you may want to have a small business until the kids go to school then build it up or you may be retired and just want to have something to do part time.  Everything goes.  Nobody will push you to do more than you want to.  

The company is a fantastic one to work with.  They really care about their consultants and listen to our views.  They have been in existence for over 30 years now sonyou can be reassured that they are here to stay. 

My job as sponsor is to help you build your business the way you want. I am always available to give advice and guidance even long after you have signed up, I will be there to help you as much as you need or want.  Having said that, it is your business and you can run it however you decide without unwanted interference from me.  Let's change your life.

Becoming a consultant changed my life. Let me help you change yours too.