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Hi, I'm Nicola!

Team Slimmerset Awaits You

Interested in becoming a consultant? Want to know whats involved? Havent tried the plan? Let me enlighten you.

I became a consultant over 10 years ago, my husband came home one day and said "I've booked us a surprise holiday, we are going in 3 weeks". I was mortified and thought I'm not going to sit on a beach looking like this, so I contacted my local consultant and started the plan the very next day.  On my third appointment, just before my holiday,  my consultant said to me "you would make a great consultant". Wow, what me, not a chance I thought, I can't possibly do that as a job. My husband and I talked about it whilst on holdiay and the decision was "whats the worst that can happen - go for it?".  So glad I did, fast forward 10 years and I am so grateful for the opportunity and the freedom it has given me and my family. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made with regard to my job/career.

So if you are chatty and approachable and genuinely interested in finding a job that makes people happier, allows you the flexibility to be your own boss and manage your hours, then contact me and become part of our team.  I'm happy, bubbly and motivated and if this sounds like you, then "whats the worst that can happen" - contact me today.







The freedom to transform your free time and re-shape your lifestyle #strongertogether