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Hi, I'm Ellie!

Roll back 14 years and I had two very small children, one divorce and a body I was fed up of dragging around with me. My best friend had done the 1:1 diet and had lost 5 stone in 4 months. After trying other options I, reluctantly, decided to try for myself. It literally changed my life. 2 stone off in no time and I was back to take on the world again.

I became a consultant as I realised I could help others to feel the same too. I have maintained my weight and my size 10 wardrobe for the entire 14 years and trust me, I love food (cheese and crisps are my kryptonite). As I entered my 40s, I learnt what I can and can't get away with and help others to do the same through maintenance support.

How am I different? I have seen more and more consultants hop on board in recent years so why choose me? I have 14 years of experience, I have regular offers as I appreciate times can be hard and I keep my prices low and competitive. I'm not about the hard sell, I'm about being here for you, offering only what you need and understanding how life can affect your journey. I'll be your biggest cheer leader and your biggest cheerer upper if you have a moment!

I work from home so it is all very relaxed. I offer weekend and evening appointments and feel free to bring children if you don't have childcare. Appointments can be flexible - you don't have to come at the same time every week and there are no ties. I also offer virtual appointments. Some clients prefer to come less frequently - you choose!

PART OF AN AWARD WINNING TEAM - we get results by great support and knowledge

 Please contact me for my latest offers. Regularly have money saving, motivational offers and I pride myself on pricing my products very competitively.

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