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Hi, we're Julia & Lee !

Be your own boss !

Hello and thank you for viewing my page, I have been a consultant for over 10 years now and I absolutely love it! From the flexibility it gives me to keep the family on track and work round my other commitments to seeing my clients change from the day they walk into my office with no confidence to the day they reach goal.

I also enjoy the other side to the role which is team building - being able to help others like myself who have never had a business help friends and family and new clients on their slimming journeys too and through hard work and dedication enjoy being self employed.

The best thing about it is you don't have to do set hours,days, full time or part time, it's entirely your decision with no targets or pressure you can build exactly what you want it to be at your own pace.

  • Whether you are looking to get your products cheaper to use yourself and sell to family and friends 
  • if your unhappy in your current job and would like to make a change 
  • or would like to add some extra income for holidays, bits for the house, Christmas or birthdays 

What's next?

If you are interested we can get you booked onto our essentials training course which is via zoom at the moment so no travelling which is a plus! To book your place there is a £50 non refundable deposit and once you are accredited you have 30 days to purchase the starter kit for £150. This comes with all the paperwork you need to get you started and 230 products (by selling these at the recommended retail price, you could see a potential profit of £418). 

It really is a fabulous opportunity to grab with both hands, we have a wonderful community of like minded people with loads of help training and advice from global hq and support on our community pages too ! 

There's a brilliant social side as well with annual convention, regional meetings and regular coffee mornings, competitions and incentives too !

I'm so glad I took the step as I was so unhappy working in the bank I gave that up 5 years ago now and haven't looked back ?? let me know if your interested and we can have a chat 



Don’t wait for things to happen go out a MAKE it happen ??