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Hi, I'm Deborah!

One day or day one?

Hi!  I'm Debbie and I've been a 1:1 Diet Consutant for over 15 Years and I absolutely love my non-job!!   As the quote above says, if you love what you do then you won't ever feel like you are working!!   I have a small but wonderful team of consultants who have joined me over the years and I am now looking for dynamic, friendly and ambitious ladies or gents UK wide who want to join us!!  

We have opportunities for part time or full time roles.   You decide what hours you want to work and how you want to offer your skills and services....... whether you just want to see a handful of clients a couple of nights a week from your dining room or you want enough clients to enable you to leave a job you no longer love and start a weight loss clinic in your local town, we have the opportunity for you!    

You don't need to be on the plan to be a great consultant!  You just need to have a passion for helping and coaching others to a desired goal.  Whether its slimmers to a weight loss goal or your own team to their business goals.

All training is currently delivered online from our HO training team and myself so you will have all the knowledge you need to get started!

So what are some of the benefits of being a self employed 1:1 Diet Consultant

  • flexible hours to suit you, your lifestyle and other commitments
  • get started for as little as £200
  • continual online training and support from HQ and myself
  • recognition and rewards from Head Ofice for your successes
  • chance to get to Champion level and win some amazing 5* trips to places such as South Africa, Lake Como, Portugal, Miami!
  • wonderful job satisfaction helping others to achieve their goals

I have loved every day of my 14 years helping others lose weight and change their lives.  It has enabled me to be home for my kids as they've grown up and I've never missed a school event or not been there when they've been poorly!   I've also loved the friendships I've made with my team and my slimmers over the years and I'm so grateful I grabbed the oppportunity when it came my way! 

If you want to create the lifestyle you've always wanted then DM me today!


Love your job and you'll never have to work a day in your life!!