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Hi, I'm Julie!

Build your very own business

I absolutely love this business and want to help you to create a business you love too!

Let's do this together.. you can be up and running very quickly..

I would never have considered becoming a 1:1 Diet Consultant. And that's precisely why you should.  I found my vocation and a job that I'm happy to get up to on a Monday morning.

If you have some reservations it's totally normal. But don't forget you are starting with a fairly small investment, a lot of potential and me here to help you.

This is a business opportunity like no other!  I have never known a business where you can start with just £200. 

You will also become part of a bigger, supportive and awesome team of incredibly talented and experienced consultants - you are in safe hands.  

My own Team has members in Herts, Surrey, London and West Mids.

When I was first accredited,  What amazed me was how much enjoyment I got from not only seeing the physical transformation my dieters were going through, but how that impacted and influenced other areas of their lives. I feel privileged to be a part of such an important journey.  I also loved learning more about the diet and products because I truly am a fan and use the plan to support and maintain my own weightloss.  

I used social media, branded clothing, leaflet drops and word of mouth to promote my business  venture.

Whether you are looking at saving money buying 1:1 diet products for yourself and family/friends or you want to rule the 1:1 world - I will support and guide you so you can achieve this. 

Give me a call or message anytime and we can have an informal chat and I can answer any questions you may have. 


Jules x

07711 196607

.. let’s MAKE this happen..