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Feeling overwhelmed with all those New Year resolutions you’ve committed to, including that post-Christmas diet?

You’re not alone! As we start a new decade, research has revealed the goals set by Brits which find hardest to achieve – and weight loss tops the table.

In January, there can be too much pressure to succeed in what can be a difficult month for some. And without the right support in place, even more so.

From food temptations to not seeing results quick enough, the top 10 reasons dieters were most likely to fail to stick to their goal to lose weight were:

  1. Being tempted by foods they love

  2. Seeking comfort in food

  3. Not seeing results quick enough

  4. Cold winter and dark nights

  5. A tiring day

  6. A dislike for going to the gym

  7. Others not being on the same weight loss journey

  8. The diet was too difficult to follow

  9. Alcohol

  10. . It was too expensive

Unlike other diets, our Plan offers you a personal Consultant, local to you, who will be your very own cheerer-onner. They’ll give you tonnes of advice, recipe ideas and all the delicious products you’ll need to help you get on your way, as well as encouragement ongoing. It’s as easy as that!