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Hi, we're Iona & John !

I am here for YOU!

Hello I'm Iona! 

Do you avoid full length photos?

Do you dread clothes shopping?

Does your weight make you want to avoid social events?

Is your weight affecting your happiness, health or quality of life?

Do you overeat when you are sad/stressed/anxious/nervous or see every celebration/sad event as a reason to eat?

Before I lost weight I was a YES to these questions above. There were times I dreaded social events and finding an outfit that I felt good in, and not just something that was floaty and covered my tummy.  I tended to avoid full length puctures and in times of stress I have always turned to food.  Since losing weight I'm more interested in clothes, my confidence has grown and I've worked hard not to rely on sweet foods for comfort. I can help you change too.

Throughout your weight loss journey I will be right at the end of the phone whenever you need me providing you with a firm but supportive and friendly approach to encourage and motivate you to lose weight. I know how hard it is to remain motivated so I am in contact frequently with my slimmers and use trackers/tick charts to help.

I have 3 school age children and understand the challanges around cooking for a family AND losing weight, it can be done!

I also have 19 years of experience working as an NHS occupational therapist helping people to achieve their goals. 

Weight loss can be incredibly private and emotional therefore I offer a strictly confidential and supportive service which includes  

- Free initial no obligation consultation. 

- Virtual or face to face appointments. 

- Flexible appointment times weekly/fortnightly/monthly

- Product delivery or collection service.

- Round the clock 24/7 support

- Help with meal planning.

- Help with creating new daily routines and habits that support losing weight.

- Frequent support via what's app to provide support and encourage accountability

- Starter pack with everything you need to get off to a great start including some freebies!

Losing weight has made me feel so much happier.  Let me help you feel the same. Dont be nervous or afraid to contact me. Lets get a chat, take it from there and see what happens....

Thank you

Iona xx


Finding my smile again….

Height: 5' 6" Time to lose: 3 months Time maintained: 6 months
From 14 stones 3 lbs
To 11 stones 10 lbs

It’s NEVER too late to invest in YOU…by losing weight, improving your health and feeling AMAZING!