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  • I offer free consultations
  • I work from home
  • I offer daytime consultations
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Hi, I'm Carrie!

Hi I'm Carrie! I got you.

Whether you want to feel better about stepping into those beach shorts, or you're wanting to get into shape for an event, I am here to help you get to your goal and I'll be with you throughout your journey.

I, personally have always struggled with my weight. I had an unhealthy relationship with food from an early age and I found it very difficult mentally. I have tried and failed on so many different diets over the years, but then I found The 1:1 by Cambridge Weight plan. This plan has changed my life! It is SO easy to follow, the meals are delicious, and the results speak for themselves. It really isn't a diet - it's just a positive step towards becoming a healthy new you.

I offer a safe, non judgemental environment and I will tailor a plan that will suit your individual needs. Whether you're someone who's constantly on the go, or someone who prefers the comfort of their own home, my support can be virtual and entirely flexible.

I am still on my own weight loss journey and I know I will be able to acheive my goals with this fantastic plan, which means YOU can too! With my 1:1 support, I will be with you every step of the way, and I'll be your very own little 'cheerer-oner'! 


My journey so far...

Height: 5' 6" Time to lose: 5 Time maintained: 5
From 15 stones 1 lbs
To 11 stones 9 lbs

It is an exciting journey and a lifestyle change, not a fad.