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Hi, we're Sophie & Dale !

Boy Mummy who lost her Tummy!

ITS 2024 the new year to be the new you. Happier healthier and much stronger.

It's 12 weeks till summer, and wow that's come round so quick already!! 

Jump on plan now and do the 12 week challenge with me. 

My WHY to start Plan was solely down to losing my confidence after gaining some baby weight. I had completely lost my mojo as my main focus was my son. However the thought of returning to work filled me with fear. What did I look like with them extra pounds? And how am I going to do my job with this extra weight on me? I lost 16lb being on plan and i could finally smile again and feel like the old me with much more confidence.

Do you find yourself shying away from the camera, do you look in the mirror and not like what you see? If this is relatable to you then this plan is for you. 

Being on plan can change your life with just a few small changes to everyday habits that pile them pounds on us all. 

Do you just want to wear them nice clothes you always look at and think? "I'll never pull them off."

Getting in to the zone can be hard but as long as you set your goal and stick to plan you will be feeling great and getting back on track in no time.

Start today and regain that confidence that may have been lost along the way. You can start ticking them boxes off that you always thought were out of reach and smile at how far you have come.

Lose that old you and be proud of the new you. 

Best wishes,

Sophie xxx


Plan that gives results

Height: 5' 3" Time to lose: 6 weeks Time maintained: 12
From 11 stones 8 lbs
To 10 stones 6 lbs