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Hi, I'm Deb!

We Can Do This!

Hi, I’m Deb, based in Bwlchgwyn, North Wales but cover all of the UK I offer both face to face and virtual support. I know how hard losing weight can be but with 1:1 I have lost over 3 stone in 11 weeks!   I still have a long way to go, and I am still on the journey  myself, however because of how simple, fast and effective it is I want to share the plan with as many people like me as I can! WE CAN DO THIS! 

With me as your consultant you will get;

  • FREE no obligation initial 1:1 consultation 
  • FREE 1:1 Support
  • FREE Weightloss Milestone Awards
  • FREE  starter pack
  • Flexible Appointments if required - virtually or face to face!
  • No contracts, or membership fees
  • Confidentiality and Discretion Guaranteed!  

My journey with 1:1 has literally changed my life for the better. I have struggled with my weight for 22 years now, since my eldest was born and have been ALL shapes and sizes. I have attended more slimming groups than I care to remember! 

That dreaded weekly weigh in where you hope and pray no one sees the figures on the scales and you have to sit in group repeating the same conversation week in week out. 

Well, no more!  The 1:1 Diet has turned all that on its head! A proven, safe and effective way to quickly lose weight. The 1:1 Diet Plan is simple, straight forward and it really works!

The products are total meal replacements, delicious and all nutritionally balanced and in just 3 products a day you will consume 100% of your RDA of vitamins and minerals.  The range of products is amazing - you will not get bored eating the same things every day. The only cost to you is purchasing your products, all other support and incentives are FREE!

I REALLY DO know how you feel, whether you just want to lose a little, or, like me, a lot,  I can support you along the way. 

You have already made the first step by reading this.  Contact me anytime on: 

Phone/Text: 07738985930


I will get back to you within a day to arrange your FREE initial consultation and discuss how The 1:1 Diet really will change your life


Fast results, tastey food, super support!