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Hi, I'm Chantelle!


I have over 11 years experience!!!! and I can assure you you are in very safe hands, I will tailor a plan that suits you and your lifestyle,  so you get the best results. I know all the ups and downs that people face and will have a plan to work around these obstacles,, its not always a smooth ride... But I will be there to support you on this personal journey ensuring we reach your desired GOAL!! 

Losing weight is a personal choice for each of us, and the reasons our personal to us, whether it's for medical reasons like PCOS.  DIEBETES. OBESITY. or just to shed some unwanted weight there is a plan to suit YOU! 

Yes alot of people try to to lose weight and fail... this was me also.. battling alone trying to work out  my own plan.. I CAN DO THIS!!! .... Well...  NO I COULDN'T!! The reason was, I had no structure and dare I say no willpower, I wanted to lose weight but didn't want to put the energy or hard work into it.. so I kept failing.. I then found the 1:1 Diet back in 2013, but then it was called Cambridge Weight Plan.. and for the first time in my many failed weight loss attempts I found it was working, the reason it was working was that I had a structured plan and there was no deviating from it,,I had amazing support and was held accountable on my weekly weigh ins. If I deviated or cheated I would not lose  weight that week.. but the longer I was doing plan the more I noticed I wasn't hungry I had lots of energy and on some days I had to sit and  think have I had all my products? because food was not on my mind,, WOW this was amazing!!

I lost over 4 stones in 3 months, I felt this is crazy, why did I not do this years ago,, well that made my mind up to tell everyone about this amazing plan and more importantly HELP them... so here we are 8 years later still doing what I love having helped hundreds of people achieve their dreams 

So if you would like my knowledge, support and advise give me a call or drop me an email or text 07891597094 


Height: 5' 7" Time to lose: 3months Time maintained: 8yrs
From 17 stones 8 lbs
To 13 stones 8 lbs