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Hi, I'm Nicola!

Elevating Nicz @elevating_nicz

Loosing weight to me was always challenging and something I struggled with. I sincerely believed It was in my DNA and i was destined to be fat. i accepted my fate.

I got comfortable with the notion "I was a Big Girl" this was just who I am! But deep down, i was miserable, unhealthy, I had a low self esteem and I would put on a bravado to pretend I was happy.

That was until my sister introduced me to the One2One diet plan. My life literally hasnt been the same since. I was given a tangible formula to not only consistently loose weight, but to do it in a realistic timeframe which was important to me as I am a person I love instant gratification.

Within 4 short months, i lost over 5stones! The change that happened physically and mentally has forever shaped my life and I am so grateful i am able to share this amazing formula with others who need help.

If you want a consultant who will offer consistent support, who will hold you accountable and will push you beyond the limits you set for yourself to help you become the best version of YOU there possibly can be, then contact me today.

I am so honoured to have gone through this myself and be a testimony to all the glory that lays at the end of your journey. I don't give up on my slimmers because I know if I can do this, then so can they.

Together, lets get you to where you need to be and shift that weight and mindset!

I look forward to supporting you on your journey, together, you will achieve your goals and so so much more!!!



I don' have to pretend anymore

Height: 5' 9" Time to lose: 4months Time maintained: 4years
From 17 stones 9 lbs
To 13 stones

Results is what I will guarantee you; you just need to follow the formula