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Hi, I'm Mira!

Do it - its more than a diet!

My story might not be as exciting or unusual as most of the others. I lead a simple life with all the ups and downs that any of us could face through time. The first time I gained a considerable amount of weight was while trying to quit smoking. The second is where my consultant story begins...

A few years ago, I saw a friend of mine shred 3 stones for a few months and asked her how she achieved such an amazing result. She said The Cambridge Weight Plan - I knew in my heart that I had to give it a try because I saw with my own eyes the result she had. I engaged in the plan for 30 days with strong dedication, defying the weight that had burdened me for far too long. I have lost almost 2 stones - I couldn't believe my eyes when I got on the scale! All my worries were melted including those few last extremely stubborn pounds... I was amazed but not only that - I got pregnant...

The miracle of my life finally happened I was blessed with the arrival of my precious long-awaited baby. Yet, along with the joy, a few extra stones found their way back onto my body hand in hand with postpartum depression. Being in such a dark place is not an experience anyone would like to share, would you?!... And here I am, standing strong and ready to hand you over all the "weapons" I used to win the scariest battle in my life. Or just be there when you need me because I know what this means. Even though three years have passed since my baby's arrival, I am still yearning to reclaim the healthier version of myself—for my own sake and that of my precious child. And, I still need support - a private, quiet, personal touch of silent help against my own demons, which no one knows about... Heroic victory from the inside out.

I've experienced the transformative power of One2One firsthand


and I have become a full-time consultant so I can be there for someone like myself and support them when they need it the most. I have all the information needed to achieve the extraordinary results you crave. Just ask me how I am here for you xxx

Those last few pound has gone!

Height: 5' 3" Time to lose: 30 days Time maintained: 2 years
From 10 stones 1 lbs
To 8 stones 4 lbs

Its not just only a diet - it is a life changing journey that does miracles!