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Hi, I'm Elaine!

Summer bodies are made now

Hi, I'm Elaine and after the 1:1 Diet helped me find myself again, I hope you will give me the chance to help you feel amazing and love yourself more.

My weight had slowly been creeping up.  I'd lose a few lbs but it was so slow it was hard to stay motivated. I didn't have any real guidance and was just guessing my way through it all. I'd done other diets before when I wanted to lose baby weight but as I was older it seemed to be so much harder. 

So I finally had that enough is enough moment. Being petite in height I wasn't happy with myself.  I'd been making excuses for far too long and it was time to do this properly for myself. I struggle with my joints so extra weight isn't good for them. 
I'd done a lot of work on mindset & used that to focus on the end result. After losing that first stone I knew I could help others using my own experience on plan & my knowledge on mindset . I'm now maintaining a 2 stone weightloss & absolutely loving  helping others lose weight too. 

Coming from a teaching background I've always loved helping others. I love to see others succeed and being part of the process, a part of another slimmers journey is super rewarding. I love celebrating your wins with you.

I offer face to face or virtual appointments via video call, messenger, zoom or WhatsApp with next day delivery anywhere in the U.K.  I understand everyone's commitments are different which is why you'll find me very flexible.

Working with me I promise not to judge. Whether you've a little or a lot to lose, your goals are important & together YOU WILL smash them. Working together I will be here to help you from day one when first starting to lose weight, guiding you through the steps and into maintaining.  I hope to make your journey as easy and as enjoyable as possible. I don't criticise. I know the pitfalls and I know the struggles, but I also know the sheer joy as you tick off those small goals that help you get one step closer to your end goal.

Get in touch to start your journey with me. I can help you to love yourself a whole lot more!

Elaine x


Love yourself enough to start

Height: 5' 0" Time to lose: 22 weeks Time maintained: 24 months
From 10 stones 1 lbs
To 8 stones 1 lbs

Simply put, let this be the last diet you need to do.