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My Services

  • I offer free consultations
  • I offer mobile visits
  • I work from home
  • I offer daytime consultations
  • I offer evening consultations
  • I accept Healthcare vouchers

Hi, I'm Sarah!

You can achieve anything!

My story is the same as so many others. Always taking the photos rather than being in them. Yo-yo dieting, trying long term calorie counting or quick fixes, all to find myself back where I started. And then I discovered the 1:1 and met my consultant. Knowing that I had someone who would listen to me, help me with every step of this journey, with no judgement involved, was just what I needed. I've lost just over four stone and I can enjoy life so much more.

I can still go out and have meals, I still socialise with my friends as I know how to eat well and still maintain a healthy me. I also have energy to get up and do so much more with my three children and two crazy cats, who need entertaining all the time...that's both the kids and the cats!

This energy and joy for a healthy life is what I want for you too. Knowing that I’ve been through many of the things you’ll go through, knowing that I can help and pass that knowledge, understanding and guidance on to you, supporting you the whole way through this journey – from the scary first weigh in, to helping you celebrate your successes throughout the steps and still being there once you reach maintenance.

This is how we can make this the last diet you ever need and the best summer you've ever had! This is a way of life that is easy to follow, produces great results and can get you back to who you want to be.

I’m still working towards my final goals, as lockdown hit me that same as everyone else, so let’s do this together, get rid of those extra pounds and be in those photos, loving the person you see!

•  Northampton-based but I offer virtual and in-person (socially distanced) consultations.

•  No obligation consultation for new starters.

•  NHS and Key Worker discounts available. Don't be afraid to ask. 

•  Support for every stage of your journey.

•  I have undertaken additional specialist training in order for me to help you achieve your goals.

Call me or text me on 07917 453718 and get started on this exciting new part of your life.

My journey

Height: 5' 1" Time to lose: Time maintained:
From 15 stones
To 10 stones 7 lbs

Don't let anything stop you being where you want to be.