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Hi, I'm Francesca!

Let's journey together...

After having my baby boy in the first week of first lockdown, my journey into motherhood took a different path than what I (or anyone) expected and comfort eating quickly became a daily occurrence! 

I've got my confidence back, so can you!

I’ve tried loads of diets in the past and even signed up for one of the biggies at the start of lockdown 3 but within 2 weeks I’d given up. In this journey I got down to less than half a stone to target before finding out I was pregnant in Nov 2021 - meaning I had to stopmy 1:1 dieting journey. But at the time I became pregnant, I felt so much more confident and healthier, wearing clothes I hadn't fit in for years and not feeling uncomfortable all the time! I have had my second child now and can't wait to get back on it soon and achieve my target (I’m breast feeding so can’t ATM!) ! In the meantime I'm loving helping my dieters achieve their goals and getting their confidence back... I can help you too!

Don't put it off any longer, let's journey together and get you to your target's! 

Whatever your reason, whether it’s to feel better in your clothes, for health reasons, to be able to play with your kids easier, or just because you want to lose weight, I am here for you, I will get you there!

Consultations are free and so are weigh-ins, you just pay for the products you use!

What could you achieve in a week, a month or in time for Easter? 

Get in contact today, 07795073470. 

Lockdown/post baby weight gone

Height: 5' 7" Time to lose: 2months Time maintained: 3 months
From 16 stones 6 lbs
To 14 stones 2 lbs

Let’s start our journey together now, I will get you there!