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Hi, I'm Edwin!

You have taken the first steps

You have taken the first steps to a new you. If you want someone who has experienced of what its like to be overweight and how difficult it is to lose it, then please come and speak to me and lets get you sorted!

Those first steps are different for everyone, but everyone has something – that little spark that made you want to take control and start losing weight. It might be wanting to be able to keep up with your kids or to decrease your chances of associated health issues. You might have seen an unflattering picture of yourself or realised that it was getting harder and harder to make it to the top of the stairs without stopping for breath. When you’re struggling, think back to your lightbulb moment.

For me it was the 'unflattering picture' taken by a kind friend. It was October 2018 and while I was investing a group of new young people into our Explorer Scout Unit, my assistant leader snapped the first side picture of me and I was totally shocked. I needed to change not only for me but also if I was going to be able to keep up with young people I volunteer for. With an international camp planned for the following summer my goal was set, but like most things it was May 2019 before I found my great consultant who would support me on my weightloss journey.

Over the coming months, it took alot of determination and sometimes it was a struggle but I kept thinking back to why I was doing this. With each passing week the pounds started to fall off. The first time I noticed a physical change was when I was sat watching tv, my stomach always had this handy shelf where I could sit my cup of tea; I smile now thinking about it, on this evening I was sat with my cup of tea and as I went to place it on my shelf, it was gone!

With the gradual physical changes you have as you lose weight, comes the point where, well you have to go shopping for new clothes. I can tell you that there is nothing more uplifting than going into your favourite clothes shop to buy that new pair of jeans or a new shirt and having clothes actually fit you properly for the first time.

My weight lost journey

Height: 5' 10" Time to lose: 3 months Time maintained: 19 months
From 16 stones 9 lbs
To 13 stones 9 lbs

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.