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  • I offer free consultations
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  • I work from home
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Hi, I'm Penelope!

Summer is on its way!

Welcome - my name is Penny Reid, I'm 47 with two children (aged 19 and 21) and I am a full-time 1:1 Diet Consultant offering support for new and existing clients. I am committed to you, your journey, your highlights and your success. 

I want to help, encourage, support and champion you as you take those all important steps to lose that unwanted weight. Your journey is all about you, and I'll be there to guide you in reaching your goals as safely and quickly as possible. Each and every pound you get rid of matters, and believe me you will succeed. 

So to get this far you must seriously be considering making the change - I know where you are right now. I know you may be nervous and may want to put off the decision for a few weeks, but I've done what previously seemed impossible to me as believe me when I say I was a yo yo dieter. I've lost 3 and a half stones and dropped three dress sizes. I feel the healthiest I have felt since pre children but even better is the feeling of being in a position to choose clothes, rather than them choosing me. 

Do you hate being in photos?

Are you at the bottom of your to do list?

Do clothes choose you, rather than you choosing them? 

Are you worried about your health?

Are you ready to take action? 

If you answered yes to any of them, please reach out. Together we'll crack it. 

What made me take that leap? At some point I realised when looking back that I have very few photos of me with my children. I'd hide behind them in family photos, avoid them altogether, or stand awkwardly holding my stomach in. Even now I'm not sure why I waited so long, but I will never regret making that first step. Now my water bottle, trainers and fitted skirts are my best friends and to my surprise I am actually wearing size 10 clothes. 

Walking once a day has become a hobby and believe me the difference in my walking is dramatic, and the dog struggles to keep up! 

Why should you call me now? You've made the step to read my story, so make the call and call me now. 

You can also join my team - helping others achieve. 

Penny x



Height: 5' 7" Time to lose: 5 Months Time maintained:
From 15 stones 2 lbs
To 11 stones 9 lbs

Don't wait, make the leap - choose you!