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  • I offer free consultations
  • I work from home
  • I work from a business premises
  • I offer daytime consultations
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  • I offer evening consultations

Hi, I'm Marie!

Let me help you

I've struggled with my weight since childhood and have yo-yo dieted for years. Believe me if there was a diet available I tried it. Nothing worked with the results I wanted until I discovered the one2one plan. Finally something that was so simple to follow and my confidence soared as my weight melted away. The biggest difference to other plans was my amazing consultant. That support daily helped me achieve more than a 3 and a half stone weight loss. Now I can help others the way I was helped. Before I started the plan I had been diagnosed as type 2 diabetic with a very high cholesterol level too. My health was suffering and I ached in my back and joints. Now I have reversed my diabetes and my cholesterol levels are normal. This has literally changed my life.

I am based at Enigma hair and beauty salon in Darlaston and you can visit me there for consults from Wednesday to Saturday.  I also work from home based in Wednesbury on Monday and Tuesday. 

So why not choose me and let me get you started on a plan which works. Having someone by your side cheering you on every step of the way!

I reversed my diabetes!

Height: 5' 6" Time to lose: 4 Time maintained:
From 15 stones 9 lbs
To 12 stones 1 lbs

I will be there for you every step of the way with daily motivation to help you on your journey