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Hi, we're Sarah & Paul !

Start changing YOUR Life!!

Sarah's story 

I am a UK award-winning slimmer after losing 13.5 stone and winning “UK Slimmer of the Year".

I was a 26 stone hermit, I wouldn’t go out except to take our children to school and only because I had no other choice. Being morbidly obese for most of my adult life, I never really saw each stone creep on until I was a size 32/34.

Even in my own home, if someone came around who I didn’t know, I would hide away so I couldn’t be seen. I was so self-conscious that I really had no life.

After Paul was diagnosed with a serious heart problem it shook our world apart. I didn’t know what I would do if anything happened to Paul. With me also being diagnosed with diabetes, I feared neither of us might be around for the children unless things changed. This was the push I needed.

I was where you are now when I decided to make the call that changed my life and started on plan and just one year and 13 stone later and a dress size 12, my life has completely turned around.

Now, I can buy clothes from anywhere knowing that they will fit, look and I will feel great. And better still, I am now able to pass on my knowledge and everything that I have experienced to REALLY HELP others that want to change their life.

Read my full slimmer story here...

Paul's Story.

After seeing the success of Sarah change her life and helping others change theirs Paul took action; lost his extra weight and helped get his health back on track!

Whatever your reasons for losing weight and no matter how much or how small there is a plan suitable for you! We believe wholeheartedly in the plan and understand the extreme importance of the finding the right plan and support to suit YOU!

Let us help you take action and change

What we offer:

  • Real Daily support & motivation when YOU need it!
  • Real support to ensure you maintain your weight loss!
  • Full support to your target, maintenance & aftercare

Our Achievement's;

  • Slimmer of the Year Winner Life Changer Award
  • Silver Level Consultant 

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Sarah & Paul


Life Changer Winner

Height: 5' 4" Time to lose: 12 Months Time maintained: 10 Months
From 25 stones 7 lbs
To 11 stones 11 lbs

I've changed my Life completely!! Now let me help you change yours!!