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Hi, I'm Jennifer!

Hi! I'm Jennifer xo

So FEBRUARY is here ALREADY and I feel like I've blinked and I've had the whole of 2023 flash by before me! You know whats coming next don't you? SUMMER BEACH BODY TIME! Do you need my support to get BIKINI BODY READY?!! Have you always been the FAT one in your family? I have always been the FAT one in mine and I have done all the diets you can think of. I just love food, who doesn't! But it became a major issue as I was comfort eating to the EXTREME....including having 3 lunches, mainly because I could. I first found Cambridge Weight Plan in 2014 whilst in Sydney, Australia and never looked back! Came home to the Wirral a couple of months after I started and met my Consultant who was going to change my life! I got married on 27th March 2022 so I began my journey early January to look AMAZING on my wedding day for preparation, in the 8 weeks to the run up I lost 2STONE! That is the equivalent to an average koala bear and a couple of extra pounds on top! I know that I can help you do the EXACT same! Xo It is now all about thinking of the future and what I want it to look like, especially how I want to look in that future. Do you envision that too? Well it is all about having the 1:1 support to guide you through to be the best you can be! If you need me, then I am literally just an email, phone call or text away.....and since I work from home, you can pop over whenever you can slot me in because I definitely know we all don't have a set timetable for our lives....that would be a dream! The 1:1 is highly effective, simplistic and can make your visions a reality with us both striving for the best outcome of yourself!

February 2024 is here! Let's think about the future!!