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Hi, I'm Jennifer!

Hello, I’m Jen

January weight loss... everyone is on a diet, right?

Are you ready to start your weight loss journey in January 2024?

I totally understand how being heavier than you used to be effects your self confidence epecially at this time of year. It is very easy to put on weight, harder to lose it but don't despair I am able to help! 

A bit about me...

This diet is honestly the only diet that has ever worked for me! It's convenient, easy to follow and fits a busy and hectic lifestyle. (I also have children at home and feel like I am constantly serving food) Like most I enjoy eating out, having a glass of wine and eating chocolate, all of which can cause weight gain. Losing weight and learning portion control is all part of the plan.  As I'm getting older I've noticed it's harder to lose weight and I can't eat as much  anymore. The products are very tasty and far superior to others I have tried over the years. They keep me fuller for longer and do make dieting easier in my experience.

Want to lose a stone or more? Ready to start your weight loss journey with Jen?

  • I have years of dieting experience, healthy eating and maintaining the loss. I’m always experimenting with different recipes to keep things fresh!
  • Allergies & Intolorences experience
  • I am confident I can help you lose weight whatever your "why" is...
  • Lose a stone or more...
  • Motivation tailored to you, tips, hacks, recipe ideas and more.
  • Here to help Men & Women of all ages...

I'm an experienced and established local consultant that really cares...

I absolutely love helping my dieterst get to their target weight and keep it off! - you won’t ever feel rushed or pressured to order. No judgement - just support. Many people return to this diet just like I did becaue they know it works. All enquiries welcome.

I can offer products delivered direct to your door. Discount 4 weekly bundles available, please get in touch.

I am available 7 days a week and aim to respond quickly. 

Feeling confident again!

Height: 5' 2" Time to lose: 4 months Time maintained: 3 years +
From 11 stones 5 lbs
To 9 stones 11 lbs

This diet really works! (If you stick to it!)