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Hi, I'm Yasmin!

I came across Cambridge Weight Plan through a freind. 

At that time I was looking for something to help me with my weight and this seemed perfect. Although, I was seeing results on my friends I was a bit hesitant if it was going to work on me, however as I gradually started and progressed I witnessed something amazing I was losing weight rapidly.

Yes it might sound frightening but this weight was staying off. This made me continue my journey with CWP until I had reached my weight goal. I feel so much better, lighter and over all satisfied with the new me. If you're looking for something to help you with stubborn weight that does not only help you loose but keep that lost weight off, CWP is for you!. I can't stress enough how amazing this stuff really is I have 44kg* within a year I was shocked how much this programme works.

I was 123kg at the beginning of the year and now 79kg*. I'm looking forward to helping more people like me out there that strive to reach their weight goals.

Good luck!