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  • We offer free consultations
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  • We work from home
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Hi, we're Michelle & Paul !

Be at your best this summer


If you want to lose weight and keep it off then look no further, lets get going today! Whether the middle of the week a Monday or a new month, the time really is now to start. Consultations can be done in our private office or mobile consultations are available in and around the midlands. If you live further afield we can consult you virtually in the comfort of your own home and have the products delivered with next day delivery!

We offer: Face to face / Virtual / Mobile consultations Unlimited support starter packs including tick charts and trackers for staying on plan, whatssapp and facebook support groups to help keep you motivated.

Michelle's story

I caught a a glimpse of myself in a family photo, was shocked, guilty and ashamed at how I had let myself go.The alarm bells started ringing and I wanted to focus on me again. Yes I am a mom of two beautiful children but I am still ME. My self confidence was at an all time low, I turned to food and drink to blot out the real problem, I was in denial. It was a never ending spiral that resulted in this or that diet. I tried to disguise myself in clothes that were way too big.

Time to change! I swallowed my pride and made the first steps towards a new beginning after a friend recommended The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and I have never looked back! OVER 3 STONE lost and a new lease of life. How this diet made me feel was the driving factor to becoming a consultant to help others acheive the same results. I know how hard it is to make the call for help as we've  been in your shoes.

Pauls story

When my dad got ill and I had an accident at work, I piled on over three stone through bad choices (wine and takeaways). I was a typical emotional eater, trying to block out the pain. One day I decided enough is enough and took inspiration from my wife and made a change.

Get in touch today to start your journey!

Michelle's weight loss journey

Height: 5' 1" Time to lose: 3 months Time maintained: 5 years
From 13 stones
To 8 stones 12 lbs

Paul's weight loss journey

Height: 5' 11" Time to lose: 8 weeks Time maintained: 18months
From 15 stones 11 lbs
To 12 stones 9 lbs

Summer 2024 is a coming!