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Hi, I'm Jacqui!

Part of an award winning team

Lets make this year a year to remember!  

Lets make it all about you!

I can offer you friendly support, guidance and encouragement to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  

I had tried all the diets going with very little success, I'd lose a few pounds then put it straight back on again however then I found the one2one diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. It was so easy and simple to follow, I could just pick up a pack and go. No more getting caught out and tempted by the service station or supermarket checkouts because I'd always have something with me.  After losing three stone in just under three months, I'm now feeling fitter and more confident then I have done in years and would like to help you to achieve the same.

  • Part of a multi award winning team
  • Based in the Leighton Buzzard area, but can also cover Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamstead and surrounding villages
  • Private, home based, consulting room with a full range of core products in stock
  • Flexible appointments offered -mornings, afternoons,early evenings and weekends
  • Can do mobile visits

So get in touch, what have you got to lose?  With my help, you CAN be that person you have always dreamed of becoming!

I look forward to meeting you 


My journey

Height: 5' 2" Time to lose: 4 months Time maintained: 24 months
From 15 stones 12 lbs
To 12 stones 10 lbs

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