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Hi, we're Sanduya & Rathakrishnan!

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Hi, we're Sanduya & Rathakrishnan !

Let’s get you on plan!!!!

If you want to make a change to your life for the better, for a more healthier lifestyle to avoid  out and most of all become more healthier. If the answer is yes then The 1:1 Diet will help you.

The Plan can achieve all this. Once you have achieved your goal you can also become a CWP Consultant just like me and help many others to achieve their goal and be the reason for their smile & weight loss.  All that is needed is commitment and many successes and achievements will simply follow. No exercise, no gym work, no starving is needed.

I have tried many diets but nothing really worked on my body but then I saw a friend in the hospital shedding weight using the Cambridge Weight Plan products week by week.

I have lost over 25 kg and maintained the weight for over 6 months. It is an amazing feeling to wear dresses and not feel huge.Losing weight can seem a long journey, but with CWP you can reach your target and stay there. Weight loss is about finding a plan that suits you, and that you can sustain; there are several levels on the CWP programme, so there is sure to be something that suits you.  I’m part of a multi award winning Consultant Team.  We will work together to ensure your success.



Here l am

Height: 5' 3" Time to lose: 2.5 Months Time maintained: 11 years
From 13 stones 10 lbs
To 10 stones

If we can do it so can you!