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Hi, I'm Emma!

The 1:1 Diet that really works

UPDATE: Have you piled on the pounds during lockdown?  I know I have and it is time to get rid of them!  Come and see me and we can start this fantastic diet.  I also do online consultations and deliveries.

I have never been particularly skinny but happy with my weight until I had two children and I never properly lost the baby weight and it just kept creeping upwards, without me really noticing.  The only time I had to face my weight gain properly was when clothes shopping and finding things that made me feel and look fabulous became harder to find!  Also looking at holiday photos made me realise I had piled on the pounds. 

Last January, I suddenly thought, enough is enough!  I have a friend who is a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant so I went to see her and with her help, I managed to lose 2 stone* in just over 2 months.  It was hard work at times but if you stick to the plan, it really does work and I found, much quicker than other diets I have tried, which is very satisfying and helps you keep going.  The best thing is, I have maintained this weight for a whole year!  After trying various fad diets, Cambridge Weight Plan has worked properly and I now really want to help other people feel good about themselves.

If you have a little or a lot to lose please give me a call and start your weight loss journey today!

Covid curves or lockdown lumps?! I can help you get rid of these!