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Cambridge Diet Plan “In a Nutshell”…

Our products can be used on their own, for fast weight loss, or they can be used in tandem with normal meals for more gradual weight loss.

Programmes range from 350 calories a day to 1500.

If you want to try the diet you can only do so by getting in touch with a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, me, who will help you by weighing and measuring you, to decide together, which programme best suits your goals, health, and lifestyle most...

Our six easy steps plans are outlined below:

Step 1 – Sole Source

          A:  3 Cambridge diet products you eat or drink a day.

                    B:  4 Cambridge diet products you eat or drink a day.

This stage should be followed for between 1 week minimum to 12 weeks maximum. The calories in this stage vary from 600 to 800 daily.

Step 2 - three weight plan products plus 200cal meal including protein rich foods, and some vegetables. This gives you 800 calories a day and should be followed for a week minimum.

Step 3 - this stage gives you 1,000 calories a day. It consists of two diet products, milk allowance, breakfast and salads for lunch and dinner. It’s recommended this is followed for two weeks.        

Step 4 – this stage gives you 1200 calories a day. It consists of two diet products, skimmed milk and calorie controlled lunch, and dinner and a bonus 100cal of your choice. This basically starts to add more conventional food to your daily menu. It can be followed for as long as you like.

Step 5 - You are allowed 1,500 calories on this stage, which consists of one diet product, and calorie controlled breakfast, dinner, lunch and a snack. Your Cambridge Weight Plan consultant will be able to give you ideas and recipes for what to cook and eat for your meals. There are no restrictions on how long this should be followed.

Step 6 - The last step is the maintenance phase. Once your weight has been stabilised the plan recommends planning ahead and eating a healthy, balanced diet of around 1500 Cal + keeping physically active.

On all plans you should also be drinking, at least, 2.25 litres/4 pints of fluids over the course of a day (including tea, fruits tea or coffee).

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


How do I find the right Consultant?

When you put in your postcode, you’ll see all the Consultants nearest you. Don’t worry if they’re not on your doorstep – lots of our Consultants are happy to come to you. Take a look at their profile and read what the dieters they have helped so far say – that should help you find someone on your wavelength. If you want to find out more before making an appointment, you can call, text or drop them an email.

How’s this different to other diet plans?

The 1:1 Diet is a lot more flexible than other weight-loss plans and it’s the ONLY one that gives you dedicated, one-to-one support from your own personal diet Consultant. That means your diet is designed for you, and only you. Together with your Consultant, you’ll work out an easy-to-follow eating plan that fits with your routine and gets you the results you want.

What’s the Awards and Achievements panel on Consultant’s webpages?

You might have noticed each Consultant has an awards and achievements panel on their profile. Being a Consultant brings loads of benefits and as they build their business, Consultants achieve awards for their hard work. This might be from superb support to all of their clients to help them hit those weight-loss goals, to helping others in their team build their own successful business. The 1:1 Diet is all about recognising and rewarding these efforts and part of the reward is giving Consultants badges on their webpage, to show you what they’ve achieved.