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Hi, I'm Sabha!

Hey You!..... yes YOU!!!!

I'm a University student who is interested in medical related matters. I joined Cambridge Weight Plan after seeing my mother unhappy about herself. So, I decided that if I could turn my mom's life around, then maybe others might need help too. When I’m passionate about helping others, I really help by putting my heart and mind into it.

This ultimate journey for people is difficult but with the right support and motivation they can walk with their head held high with their frowns turning into smiles. It can be tough with temptation constantly staring at you, however, you can give yourself the perfect gift by getting in touch with me with one to one support. I am your encouragement and the support you need to give your confidence a boost.

As well as working from home, I am available to come out to your house too, to meet your needs and work around what is comfortable for you. Prices are reasonable, and discounts are available, as well as loyalty schemes. I can tailor a package that suits you. I am available on social media, email or text message seven days a week. With new healthy recipes coming your way, you don't always need to change your food completely.  Just make it healthy and fun.

So, give yourself a beautiful gift by regaining control and style in your life, and revitalising your energy. Take the leap to a brighter future with round the clock support from me.

Be a better more beautiful YOU