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Hi, we're Jen & Lee !

One day or day one?

*Summer offers available*

Now is the time to become a happier, heathier more confident you!

We all have goals, it might be a special occasion, an outfit or a holiday. I can help make these goals a reality.

I started my 1:1 Diet journey in 2014 after having my second child. I needed to lose weight and didn't want to be a fat Mum at the school gate with my daughter starting school the following year.

I was a typical yo-yo dieter and had tried every diet going with some success but I needed to try something new. I have spent most of my life overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin. Always self-conscious about what people think about how I look. I had seen an old colleague who had lost 4 stones with The 1:1 diet and I knew I had to try it. So I did what you are doing now and reached out to a Consultant.

I loved the simplicity of the plan, I followed step 1 and for the first time in years my whole life didn’t revolve around food. Plan slotted in with a busy home life and was so easy to grab a product when I was on the run.

Within 12 weeks I had lost 3 and a half stone* and felt amazing. Dropping from a size 18 down to a 12. I truly understand the struggles of weight loss and also of maintenance.

Lee has always supported my weight loss and after a few special occasions and holidays he too found himself needing to drop a few pounds. As an avid Star Wars fan and costumer he was finding his Storm Trooper kit a bit snug! Lee lost a stone and a half in two months and was back in his costume once more.

What you will get:-

Flexible weight loss programme specific to your needs from our 6 step programme

Free weekly 1:1 appointment to keep you focused and motivated

Client focused friendly and confidential support 

Ongoing support throughout your journey and into maintenance

The amazing feeling of seeing the weight fall off and learning how to keep it off!

I offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments, either from my home office or mobile visits to your home. In line with current Covid guidlines.

The 1:1 Diet completely changed my life and it can do the same for you!

Finding the new me

Height: 5' 6" Time to lose: 4 months Time maintained:
From 15 stones 10 lbs
To 11 stones 2 lbs

Storm Trooper Success!

Height: 5' 6" Time to lose: 2 months Time maintained: 3 years
From 13 stones 5 lbs
To 12 stones

Let's make this the last diet you ever have to do! Get in touch