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Hi, we're Mareyam & Mark !

Oldham/Rochdale Virtual


Silver Award Winner

"If you can't stop thinking about it, dont stop working for it!"

Hi, I’m Mareyam and I live in Stretford, Manchester.

Like many people I would find myself grazing throughout the day, mostly out of boredom and not happy within my job let alone myself. Unfortunately, all this grazing finally caught up with me and made me gain weight. A little too much weight that I didn't really like or want to have experienced being on both ends of the scale.

I now feel comfortable enough to talk about my personal weight gain other than the grazing. A few years ago, I also went through IVF with 2 unsuccessful attempts. I’ve never wanted something so much such as having a family of my own that. The hormones I had injected did make me also gain weight and along with my depression and break up of my partner. I have overcome this and have the best family within the Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant Community. I lost 2 stone* and feel better than ever.

I'd love to help you on your journey with Cambridge Weight Plan. I'll give you support, weekly weigh ins, encouragement and tips along the way and help you reach your personal target. Once you have reached your target goal, I'll still be there to support and weigh you as and when needed.

With no sign-up fees and no consultation charges, all you pay for is the products you take. I am available either in your home/place of your choice.

I cover this area twice a month on Sundays only. Contact me on 07966 058451for a free consultation or more information.

Back From The Brink

Height: 5' 0" Time to lose: 8 weeks Time maintained: 3 years
From 8 stones 13 lbs
To 6 stones 13 lbs