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Hi, I'm Lisa!

You’re here. That’s great. That’s the first step to a slimmer you.

So what’s brought you here?

Maybe you’re fed up of wearing baggy clothes, instead of clothes you actually like. Or just want to wear something that isn’t black. You could be tired of standing at the back for photos. Or perhaps you’ve just had another game of hide and seek in the supermarket with someone you’re embarrassed to see. Maybe you think you’re seen as the fat friend. And speaking of friends, what about that friend who has lost weight on Cambridge Weight Plan and is looking fantastic?

Whatever your reasons (and those were some of mine), you aren’t happy with yourself right now or you wouldn’t be here.

I had a nagging voice inside me for years. And I sshhh’d the nagging voice telling it ‘the diet starts Monday’. I tried all the popular diets, and some strange ones too. I’m sure you know what I mean. They all made a dent, but nothing significant. And I never reached that elusive goal weight until I tried Cambridge Weight Plan.

Everything changed from the day I visited this webpage. My Consultant was great, the products were great, and all the variety along with plenty of chocolate choices kept me on the straight and narrow. And speaking of narrow - that happened quickly too. The weight came off fast which made it easy to stay motivated. I felt healthy and full of energy, all with the assurance that I was eating a nutrionally balanced diet. 

Coming on here was my turning point, and I’ve never looked back. The fat clothes have long gone in the charity bag, I won’t be needing them again.

So now it’s over to you. Whatever size you are, you’ve taken the first step towards the size you want to be. You’ve made the decision to change, next step is to get in touch. I’m based in Towcester and there’s parking right outside. No group weigh-ins, there’s just me and I’ll support you every step of the way. Give me a call and let’s sort this out together . You’ll be so glad you did.

Look forward to meeting you


Your diet can start Monday. But you can take the first step today.