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Hi, we're Gerda & Gordon !

Hi, welcome to our page.

<p>Part of a<strong>&nbsp;MULTI AWARD WINNING TEAM&nbsp;</strong></p> <p><strong>Ardrossan, Arran, Saltcoats, Stevenston, Kilwinning, Irvine, Kilmaurs,&nbsp;Stewarton, Dunlop, Dalry, Kilbirnie, Beth, Kilmarnock, Galston, Newmilns, Darvel, Troon,&nbsp;Prestwick, West Kilbride, Fairlie, Largs, Inverkip, Millport, Gourock, Greenock.&nbsp;</strong></p> <ul> <li><strong>NUTRITIONAL SPECIALIST TRAINED</strong></li> <li><b>MEDICAL &amp; EXERCISE SPECIALIST TRAINED</b></li> <li><b>BUSINESS TRAINED</b></li> </ul> <p>Hi, we are Gerda and Gordon. The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan independent consultants. We have both struggled with our&nbsp;weight all of our lives&nbsp;and tried many different diets, we&nbsp;found the 1:1 diet by Cambridge Weight Plan by chance and have never looked back.</p> <p>I have lost over 5 stones, going from a size 18 down to size 10/12 in 26weeks*,&nbsp;I worked through the steps and this has also helped me maintain my weight. I found the steps very easy to follow combining flexibility with good nutritional balance. Having reached my target weight with the constant support and encouragement from my own Consultant, I now look forward to helping others on their own life changing journey. As an Ambulance Driver I am directly involved with people who have both physical and psychological issues&nbsp;with their weight, I totally understand how many people feel. I am a naturally caring person and I&nbsp;get so much pleasure helping others and seeing their results. GERDA</p> <p>As a Paramedic I also have dealt with many people who have struggled with weight loss. This in turn has led them to suffer both medically and emotionally. My own health and wellbeing improved dramatically once I knuckled down on this plan. GORDON&nbsp;</p> <p>We as Consultants can offer 100% commitment, support and encouragement which will give you the best opportunity for&nbsp;successful weight loss. You CAN&nbsp;achieve your weight loss goal, so contact us&nbsp;and together we will watch those lbs and inches disappear.</p> <ul> <li><strong>No Contracts</strong></li> <li><b>No Consultation or Joining Fees</b></li> <li><b>Flexible Appointments with home or work visits available&nbsp;</b></li> <li><b>Our help, advice and support is still available once you reach your goal</b></li> <li><b>One to One Support&nbsp;</b></li> <li><b>Private Facebook Support Page</b></li> </ul> <p><b>COME ON, GET IN TOUCH AND LET&#39;S SMASH THIS!</b></p>

Gerda's story

Height: 5' 7" Time to lose: 6 months Time maintained: 2 years 9m
From 15 stones 12 lbs
To 10 stones 6 lbs

Gordon's story

Height: 5' 11" Time to lose: 6 weeks Time maintained: 5 years
From 14 stones 3 lbs
To 1212 stones 12 lbs

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