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Hi, I'm Claire!

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I have always been a bigger girl and always took the mickey out myself before others got in there. I was known as Big Bubbly Claire but I was never happy with this. I put on a lot of weight when I had my children and realised I was an emotional eater.

When I was happy I ate, when I was sad I ate, when I was angry I ate and what was worse I was taking my children along for this horrible ride. If they were good I would reward them with food without even realising I was doing this. “C'mon kids we have been good... lets hit the fast food place!!” Sound familiar?

I have tried every other diet under the sun. Working my butt off to see 1/2 lb off at the scales was soul destroying for me. People would say "just eat less and go to the gym!" At 19 stone I didn’t really have the energy or motivation to go to the gym and then the emotional eating would start all over again.

My last straw was not being able to get the belt over my stomach when I took my children to a theme park. I was so embarrassed i could have cried. I wanted to cry from embarrassment and also the sheer pain as I had jammed the belt shut so I wouldn't get chucked off the ride. That was it! I had to do something! I refused my children to follow in my footsteps and feel the pain I felt!

I had heard about The 1:1 Diet through a friend and to be honest I was sceptical. I had tried everything so thought what do I have to lose. I was so nervous meeting my consultant but she was so lovely and understanding as she had lost weight previously too. I'm so glad I took that first step. I have never looked back and I have never been so happy. I lost a staggering 7 stone! *

Now I want to help you achieve what I thought I never would. I still have to pinch myself that I did it! Please let me help you achieve your goal and I promise you...You will not regret it!

Take that first step!

Height: 5' 7" Time to lose: 7 months Time maintained: 7 years
From 19 stones 2 lbs
To 11 stones 10 lbs

Doing this is hard, being overweight is hard... Choose your hard!