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  • I offer free consultations
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  • I work from home
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  • I accept Healthcare vouchers

Hi, I'm Alison!

Welcome to my page

This is your first step to a NEW and HEALTHIER you!

Nothing Fits? Missing out on family photos? Always avoiding the mirror?

Have you gained weight due to menopause, after childbirth or health issues, of just slowing down. Do you miss out when playing with children/ grandchildren.  Are you struggling to keep up, tired and want more from life?

If this sounds like you. I totally understand, I have been there too! We can work together, and work out the best step for you to follow, to suit your lifestyle. I can make your goals a reality.

I have been helping people successfully lose weight since 2015. I have followed the plan and know exactly what it feels like being overweight. For most of my life, I emotionally ate, using food to as a crutch to deal with the stresses of life. I was your typical yoyo dieter trying every fad going and never sticking to anything. Then my niece introduced me to the One to One Diet! To say that it has changed my life is an understatement. I learned to control my portions, to enjoy eating again and relished exploring new recipes and expanding my diet to include a wide variety of healthy balanced meals. The ease of products helped me regain control of what I was eating and achieve amazing results. Over the last 6 years I have supported my clients to do the same. 

Let's start your journey.

Contact me now on 07855023080 or 

For a free no obligation chat about the plan, and how it can work for you. You’ve got this!

My journey

Height: 5' 8" Time to lose: 5 months Time maintained: 6 years
From 15 stones 6 lbs
To 11 stones 9 lbs

Believe you can and you're half way there.