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  • I offer free consultations
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Hi, I'm Angela!

My Story began aged 10 when I was put on my first diet by my GP ....some terrible memories of that time. By age 16 I went along to my first weight club and the next 40 years has been weight loss and weight gain...alongside this has been the low moods, feeling a failure and loss of belief in myself that I could actually resolve my compulsive overeating.....This led me to  look at VLCD and LCD which I  embarked on 16 years ago. 12 years ago I engaged with a consultant who supported me to loose 5 stone . My history as a senior community psychiatric nurse in addictions led me to begin to work on my own addictive behaviours towards food as I deeply wanted to maintain my weight loss this time.  I took time out to address the lifestyle changes I needed to make to give me the best chance of maintaining. I am very impresssed by the choice of weight loss steps and the guidance to step up to maintainence.

I can still have some difficulties however I now have the ability to intercept them more quickly and efficiently! I pride myself with the support, guidance and ( challenge if required) to help my clients  move forward with their journey of weight loss and I will be there for as long as as they require me to be with their maintainence.



I pride myself in offering long term aftercare which is free of cost.

The only way to succeed is not to give up !!