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Hi, I'm Jodie!

Make 2024 YOUR year!

There can be so many reasons for us gaining weight, the biggest thing though, is to not beat yourself up over it. Life happens and you are here now, looking into making changes to better your health, and that is all that matters!
My life being completely flipped upside down after a marriage break up just before covid struck and lockdown happened. This saw me falling back to my old comfort and best friend - FOOD. We are all human - even if we find the best plan with the best success, if our mind isn't in it then we can all fall, even us consultants. But then I found that it wasnt the marriage breakdown or the covid restrictions that was making me in a bad way mentally, but it was actually my own self and the way I had let myself go. We can all know that we need to lose weight, but until we're mentally ready, it isn't always that easy. I have been there and fought with myself for years to sort myself out mentally so I know exactly how it can feel and can help you get through it. Whether this is your first try or 20th try - one time will be your time to succeed - don't give up on yourself ♥ 
I'm now 4.5stone down and so happy!

I have been a Consultant now for almost 10yrs and I have helped countless people reach their target weight and most importantly STAY THERE. Are you wanting to achieve the same? Whether you are looking to lose 7lbs or 7stones + - I can help you with weekly virtual weigh ins and courier deliveries (within 24-48hrs from ordering)  alongside 24/7 Whatsapp support.

In the past I have won:

  • New Consultant of the Year
  • Sales Champion
  • DSA New Rising Star
  • Highly Commended

All whilst raising my gorgeous little girl. Now I am still achieving the same great sucess with all my slimmers and I am ready to help you do the same 

Offers are given on monthly orders and I often run weight loss incentives each month too. Contact me to find out which incentives I currently have.

You CAN eat and lose weight

Height: 5' 8" Time to lose: 5 months Time maintained: 1 year
From 0 stones
To 4 stones 7 lbs

Whether its 7lbs or 7+stones, The 1:1 Diet plus my support can get you there.