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Hi, we're Nicki & Alex !

Do you hate the word "diet"?

I work from my home in Wimborne Minster in Dorset.

Do you hate the word 'diet' as much as I do?

I know - diet...boring!!!

Weight control is a private & sensitive issue for many people - younger, older, male or female.

I too have done every diet - from vegetable soup, counting calories, point collecting, weighing, measuring, eggs, fibre to carbs & the grapefruit diet too! Although some pounds were shed for a while, the only one that has truly worked for me is The 1:1 Diet By Cambridge Weight Plan.

So, CONGRATULATIONS for making the 1st step and finding the fantastic 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

2nd, CONGRATULATIONS for finding me!! (Only joking!!). I became an Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant in 2013 & thanks to my amazing clients I was awarded Top 50 Consultant in 2015 & 2016, Regional Consultant of the Year 2018 & now Silver Elite Champion 2021.

I'm proud to say these awards are thanks soley to the sheer determination & dedication of my amazing slimming clients.

I've successfully maintained a 4.5 Stone* weight loss for the last 16+ years* - you CAN do this too. I'll do my very best to help you succeed & move towards a healthier, slimmer more exciting & rewarding lifestyle. Come on - lets get your confidence back.....ready??

So, my questions to you are:

  • Is your wardrobe how mine used to be - size 12-20?
  • Would you love not to be like I was..'the fat one' at a party?
  • Are everyday tasks like putting your socks on more difficult than they should be?
  • Would you really love to look in the mirror & see a big difference?
  • Did you say last week that you’ll start next week?
  • Want to make a change?

I once would have answered 'yes' to all these questions too, so I know how hard this first step is. But believe me-anything in life that you need to work hard for is worth so much more in the end. There is never a right time to go on a diet, something will always get in the way-but start making your life easier & get one depressing thing out of the way right now.

Please call me - I CAN & truly want to help you...:-)

It's all about YOU now - let's work together to make that change for the better happen right now...

This is me...(Nicki)

Height: 5' 5" Time to lose: 5 months Time maintained: 16+ years
From 14 stones 4 lbs
To 9 stones 6 lbs

and this is hubby (Alex)...

Height: 5' 11" Time to lose: 4 months Time maintained: 8+ years
From 15 stones 6 lbs
To 12 stones 6 lbs

The 1:1 Diet is the only diet that worked for us...and now it's working for our clients too"