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Hi, I'm Sharon!

Sharon Telfer


Whether you need boot camp style consulting or a more empathetic approach. Let me support you!

  • Free 1-2-1 consultations
  • Free weigh in & measuring
  • Free Cambridge Weight Plan literature
  • Mobile or in the privacy of my home, whenever it suits you.

I offer the highest level of flexibility to clients as possible.

Sharon - "losing weight is a mental challenge, not a physical one"

I was awarded a Highly Commended acheivement prize. Cambridge Weight Plan, helping people lose weight and get their lives back is my passion! So this award really made my year!

Before I found Cambridge Weight Plan I had tried every diet going but never managed to stick to them for long! Since having my four children over the last 7 years my weight has crept up and at my biggest I rarely left the house and had to force myself out of my pj's!

I followed the plan easily, with no thinking or fussing about food and lost 3+1/2 stone in 12 weeks*. I literally turned my life around! Got my confidence back, got the old me back!

I now use Cambridge Weight Plan to maintain my weight and love helping others lose weight and do the same. From my own weight loss experience I can not recommend Cambridge Weight Plan highly enough!

Give me a call, all you have to lose is the lbs. 07508 730658

This could actually be the perfect opportunity to lose weight! None of the usual distractions!