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Hi, we're Maureen & Michael !

Time To Change-This Is The One


NOW, more than ever is a chance to review your health and the things that are important to you.  So, take the opportunity and take action now!! 

We have found new ways to support you  with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan by offering remote start/up, ongoing telephone/online support and even door-to-door deliver, and now face to face again as well.  Your health is so important. 

A New Year is a great  time to make the decision to be a healthier you. Do you want to lose some weight? I’ve got a step for that! Want to eat nutritionally balanced, healthy food? I’ve got products and recipes for that! Need some support? You’ve got me for that! That’s what makes this diet a success.

All you need to do is contact me.

Our plan is full of all the vitamins and minerals you could need to keep you healthy and help you lose weight. Our products have a long shelf life and I’ve got plenty of stock too.  Imagine, becoming a more fabulous version of you!

6 Steps – Choose a Step to suit you and your lifestyle
•    Step may be dependent on any medication and/or health issues. Also suitable for clients with Diabetes Type 1 & 2 and those with High/Low Blood Pressure

Services Offered:

I can get you started and support your journey via phone, text or video call to keep you on track and accountable. I can arrange for you to have all the products you need if you choose to self-isolate.

Even if you don’t want to follow one of our diet plans, we have a healthy range of delicious ready meals and snacks too – no shopping or queues, no need to keep in the fridge/freezer and direct to your door.

Face to Face Apointments or Local collection/Delivery Newthorpe/Eastwood/Kimberley/Giltbrook Areas
Distance Delivery Service – also available for larger orders during these difficult times.

Full range of products available -– Together we will work out a meal plan to suit you. So – Whatever the reason you want to lose weight, take the first step today and get in touch. I would love to hear from you. 
Ring/email me - Maureen - 07941946803 - Email:

This is me - 6 stone lighter

Height: 5' 3" Time to lose: 7 months Time maintained:
From 0 stones
To 0 stones

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.