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Hi, I'm Val!

Taking the first step can be tough

Finding the courage to make changes can be a bit scary, but once you've made that call, you'll be so glad you did and I'll be delighted to support you to reach your goal, at the right pace for you. 

What happens when we meet?

I mostly see clients at my home (mobile by arrangement) where you can be assured of complete confidentiality. We'll have a chat about your current lifestyle, eating patterns, and what you're aiming for. We'll also weigh you, work out your BMI, take measurements and a 'before' photo so we can chart your progress. Dont worry, no-one else will see it!

We'll tailor the programme to suit you and your lifestyle - the different steps give you various options which are particularly important when you reach the maintenance phase and are reintroducing more foods.

There's no guessswork with THE 1:1 DIET, it's all been done for you, so no complicated weighing or calorie counting, plus you know you're giving your body the best.

You'll be spoilt for choice - THE 1:1 DIET now has so many tasty products, it's not just shakes and soups these days!

When you're happy with everything I'll help you choose your menu, provide you with all the info you need, then you're good to go!

You'll have plenty of time to discuss your thoughts, this time is for you - I don't like rushing anyone!

I'll also help you plan for social occasions that will inevitably crop up - you don't need to become a hermit!

Important points:

  • No group meeings, just you & me
  • Complete privacy, relaxed atmosphere
  • Flexible appointments to suit you
  • No 'contract' or extra fees
  • Time just for you
  • On-going support for maintenance

Best of all, the sense of pride and achievement when you've dropped a dress size (or more) makes the effort so worthwhile. Not to mention the compliments!

My story

I chose Cambridge Weight Plan in 2008 to lose weight in preparation for an operation. I wanted to be in better shape to aid my recovery, plus, I was fed up trying to cut down by myself and making little progress. I'm delighted to have maintained a healthy weight ever since and love helping others do the same.

And finally:

Don't delay another day.... !! Please get in touch (phone, text or e-mail) - no obligation!

With 15 years' experience as a CWP consultant I'd love to help you achieve your weight loss goal.