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  • We offer free consultations
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Hi, we're Gayle & Glyn !

This is the ONE!

Littleport Ely & surrounding areas

Resolutions work but the real work is working the resolutions..............


Dont let a blip cause ANOTHER week to pile it on; only to start Monday, yet AGAIN. It's a Magic Monday Merry-go-round!! There is NO Magic Monday, everyday is magic! Magic Monday is a never ending excuse! Own it!!

Don't say you can't do it. Own it and say ' I will do it'. Our words to ourselves are powerful. 

I can offer Direct to Dieter shipping(D2D). Order from us and we can offer the same 1:1 virtual support that is offered with a face to face appointment and have your products delivered to your home.  As always, you may still visit us in our garden office; your choice!

My years of experience help me to guide you through that infamous food minefield! I'm now at Gold Elite as a consultant of 17 years having helped 1,000's!

I’m American with a can do it ....just do it attitude.  I’ve helped hundreds get to their goal weight and stay there. Let me help you. I want you to feel the success so many of my clients have and the freedom to be your true self!

I’ve spent 2/3 my life not realising I was at goal weight but wanting to lose 1/2 a stone. I’ve spent the other 1/3 struggling with my weight.  At one time I was 8 stone overweight. I’ll tell you a secret: I felt the same when I was 1/2 stone over as when I was 8 stone over. I understand BOTH sides of the coin. Whether you have a few pounds or many stone to lose, I get it!!  Let me help you. 

I’m a multi-award winning consultant. It’s not about MY awards but how we can reward YOU in your new journey. Your weekly losses will give you the NEW YOU! 

I work with a large group of maintainers, many having kept their weight off for years....join them! 

I love my job!

Mobile 07950 752099 

Facebook  @gayleone2onediet

Direct to Dieter with virtual chat, Mobile and office visits available. No contracts, no cancellation charges. The price of your products is the price you will pay; no hidden costs. . We offer debit, credit and BAC payments. 

It doesn't matter where you are in the UK; I can help you! Let's get YOU going. 


If this sounds’s not! Make that call and get ready to change your life!