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‘You are what you eat!’ - Dewmi Minty's story told through her own words

"You are what you eat", Through my weight loss journey, I dug deeper to understand why ‘FOOD’ has always been the answer - I realised that it was years of emotional trauma. Hear my story and how I overcame hurdles thanks to The 1:1 Diet.

Out of the dark and into the light - Hollie's phenomenal transformation

It is never too late to reclaim your identity – battling with post-natal depression and health complications doesn’t define who you are. The 1:1 Diet gave Hollie a future she never knew she wanted or deserved.

‘I've lost almost 5 stone and embraced being bald!’ - Kelly’s Comeback

Kelly suffered from an auto-immune condition which caused alopecia leading to complete hair loss including her body hair and eyebrows. She became too self-conscious to go out and as a result, started comfort eating. Read her story here...

A Story of Transformation, Belief, and Overcoming Adversity

Ollie, had a larger build since his earliest memories and had experienced a life intertwined with sports. As a teenager, he navigated the rugby field with enthusiasm, despite his fitness level occasionally letting him down. Read more about his story...

Debbie Taylor is 7 Stone Lighter thanks to The 1:1 Diet

Debbie Taylor used to wear flip flops for most of the year because, that way, she didn’t have to worry about fastening up shoes. Now the 47-year-old glamorous granny is living her best life and able to go clothes shopping with confidence, having lost an amazing seven stone one pound.

Mother and Daughter Lose 18 Stone Combined!

Mum and daughter duo, Karen and Anna-Louise Walters, joined forces in a mission to lose weight and are now celebrating winning our coveted In It Together title.

Life-changing weight losses take centre stage

The annual Slimmer Awards took place on the 3rd September and we had  night of celebrations at The Slimmer Awards 2022

Mum halves her dress size after Christmas party photos left her 'traumatised'

Karen Beebee rediscovered her confidence with The 1:1 Diet.

Alexandra is no longer hiding under baggy clothes and feels amazing

Our Woman of the Year finalist, Alexandra Bave, has lost an amazing five stone through lockdown after ditching her poor eating habits.

Sharon completes bucket list goals after five stone weight loss

Sharon celebrates weight loss after high blood pressure and diabetes health issues took toll on her weight and confidence.

Emily Loses 8 Stone & Becomes Social Hero Winner

Undergraduate Emily Nuttall lost an impressive 8 stone and was crowned Social Hero Award Winner for 2021. Go Emily!

Maintainer Award Winner

The 2021 Maintainer Award winner, Suzi Smythe, is our oldest ever Slimmer Awards winner who is proving life really does begin at 80!

From Couch to Gym Bunny

Self-confessed gym bunny, Angie Price, lost five stone on The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and gained a whole new lease of life.

Julie loses more than half her body weight to keep her driving licence

Coach tour operator Julie lost an incredible 12 stone with the one-to-one support from her Consultant. 

Woman Loses Over 5 Stone & Becomes Unrecognisable to Her Colleagues!

Cornish-based Claire Conn loses impressive five stone three pounds thanks to The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

Couple lose more than 10 stone combined and reverse diabetes symptoms

Paul and Michaela Allardes have new outlook on life and can finally play with their grandchildren.

Beauty therapist lost 7 stone in weight whilst on The 1:1 Diet

Vanessa decided to lose weight after experiencing several health issues.

Cecilia lost more than four stone and can now walk her dog with ease

Inspirational mum loses weight with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and becomes a Consultant during the pandemic.