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Super-dad celebrates more than six stone weight loss and the reversal of pre-diabetes diagnosis

Julian King has successfully lost a life-changing six-and-a-half stone during lockdown with the help of The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

Mum halves her dress size after Christmas party photos left her 'traumatised'

Karen Beebee rediscovered her confidence with The 1:1 Diet.

Daniel is almost half the weight he used to be but living twice the life!

Daniel, 19, of Widnes, never went out and had no confidence before losing 10-and-a-half stone with the one-to-one support of his Consultant.

Alexandra is no longer hiding under baggy clothes and feels amazing

Our Woman of the Year finalist, Alexandra Bave, has lost an amazing five stone through lockdown after ditching her poor eating habits.

Sharon completes bucket list goals after five stone weight loss

Sharon celebrates weight loss after high blood pressure and diabetes health issues took toll on her weight and confidence.

Lockdown Slimdown Award Winner

Before losing 12st 1lbs on Plan with The 1:1 Diet, Ester couldn't climb to the top floor of her house.

Sister Duo Loses More Than 6 Stone!

Sisters Claire and Amanda O’Neil were in it together with their weight loss journey.

Life Changer Award Winner Andrea Loses Over 6 Stone!

Life Changer winner, Andrea Whitcombe, is beyond excited to be wearing her first pair of women’s shoes ever for The 1:1 Diet’s annual Slimmer Awards.

Emily Loses 8 Stone & Becomes Social Hero Winner

Undergraduate Emily Nuttall lost an impressive 8 stone and was crowned Social Hero Award Winner for 2021. Go Emily!

Woman of the Year Award Winner

Grief made Rachael's weight spiral out of control as she comfort ate through the loss of her beloved mum. But with the help of The 1:1 Diet she lost over 7 stone!

Neil Loses 12 Stone & Wins Man Of The Year!

A scary moment involving his baby son sent father-of-two Neil Maltman looking for a way to lose weight – and fast. He turned to The 1:1 Diet and lost 12 stone on Plan.

Maintainer Award Winner

The 2021 Maintainer Award winner, Suzi Smythe, is our oldest ever Slimmer Awards winner who is proving life really does begin at 80!

Family Champion Winner

FAMILY Champion winner, Kezi Smith, was mortified when she saw a holiday photo of herself taken on what should have been a trip of a lifetime. But it led her to find The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and lose over 4 stone.

The 1:1 Diet Award Winner

Mum-of-four Amy Bingham lost an incredible seven-and-a-half stones with the one-to-one support of Consultant Chloe Savage.

Slimmer Awards 2021

The annual Slimmer Awards took place on 18th September in Birmingham, presented by Mr Vernon Kay! It was a brilliant night celebrating many slimmer successes! Find out who the winners were. 

Anne Loses Four Stone to Feel Great for Summer Weddings

Anne Matley has lost a life-changing four stone with The 1:1 Diet, after images from a family wedding left her horrified.

Busy Mum Loses Nearly 6 Stone over Lockdown

Chloe Lovell is a freelance writer and mum to two young children. She recently lost weight in lockdown 1.0, to help her be the best version of herself.

From Couch to Gym Bunny

Self-confessed gym bunny, Angie Price, lost five stone on The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and gained a whole new lease of life.