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Woman with one kidney's weight loss reverses type 2 diabetes symptoms

Cambridgeshire-based Zoe Whitefield has successfully reversed her type 2 diabetes symptoms after an impressive weight loss, despite the complications of only having one kidney.

After a difficult few years - discovering she had type 2 diabetes and finding out her son was diagnosed with special needs – the 43-year-old turned to food for comfort.

Zoe said: “My son has autistic traits and had been diagnosed with ADHD and SPD (Sensory Process Disorder) and during this difficult time chocolate was my coping mechanism.  I was later shocked to learn that I had literally been eating myself into an early grave. I’d ballooned to 19 stone and became a type 2 diabetic - a life-threatening condition for me - as I only have one kidney.”

After multiple failed diets, and many doctors’ appointments, Zoe’s GP recommended she try The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, and that’s when Zoe’s life and health started to turn round.

“During my adult life, I’d tried pretty much every diet going, with absolutely no lasting success. I was initially sceptical when my doctor suggested The 1:1 Diet, but with the alternative being gastric band surgery and posing higher risks, I decided to give it a go.

“I contacted my local weight loss Consultant, and after only 10 months I’d managed to lose an incredible nine stone.

“Not only had a dropped from a dress size of 24 to a 10, finding a confidence I’d never experienced before, but I also managed to reverse my type 2 diabetes symptoms.

“The 1:1 Diet has not only saved my life, it has changed it forever. I am healthier, happier and avoided the high risks of surgery.

“When I discovered I could train to become a Consultant to help others feel this fantastic, I jumped at the chance, as my own Consultant Geraldine Page had been such an inspiration. Now I’ll never look back!”

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