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Sharon completes bucket list goals after five stone weight loss

Birmingham-based Sharon Medhurst is celebrating a life-changing five stone weight loss with The 1:1 Diet, after her high blood pressure and diabetes began increasingly affecting her health.

Sharon, 50, said: “I felt old, frumpy and unhappy with how I looked. I struggled to walk any distance and the stairs were a nightmare. I realised that if I didn't make a change, it would only get worse.

“As a nurse, I knew the health implications of being obese. I already had high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic. I didn’t want to go out, and avoided social events. I had no interest in clothes and wore whatever fitted. It was simple - I loved food, but it was slowly taking my life from me.

‘’After exploring many other diets and more invasive surgical methods, I decided to try The 1:1 Diet with the support of my Consultant Liz.

“I stuck to the plan religiously and Liz offered regular face to face meetings, albeit socially distanced, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and I found this time invaluable. My weight fell off and after a couple of months I started to feel like a different person!

“I wrote a bucket list for my 50th birthday and never thought I would achieve any of my goals. However, in the last six months I have been scuba diving, flown a plane, got a tattoo and even completed a tandem skydive!

“None of this would have been possible before my weight loss and without the support of Liz, who has been my cheerleader all the way.

“I have changed my life completely. Liz argues being supportive and friendly is part of the job, but I believe it’s more than that - she has become a good friend and confidant. I can see our friendship continuing to grow, and our team going from strength to strength and making a difference to the lives of others.”

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