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Project engineer loses more than five stone in time for her wedding

Project engineer Eleanor Morris is celebrating a remarkable five stone weight loss after being on The 1:1 Diet for seven months during lockdown.

Eleanor began her weight loss journey in 2019 as she felt unhappy with her self-image. Her engagement in January 2020 was the perfect motivation for her achieving her goal weight ahead of her wedding in 2022.

Eleanor, 25, said: “I moved to the South West and found a Consultant in my area in 2019 – Karen Cree. It was the perfect excuse for a fresh start!

“I was starting to plan my wedding, and I was so committed to losing the rest of the weight and keeping it off.

“After a few weeks with Karen, the pounds started to drop and I began to notice positive changes in my day to day life.

“I felt more energised and was no longer napping after work. My asthma had also significantly improved and I was able to build up my strength to press more than my own body weight in the gym - a big goal of mine.

“The Plan fitted really well with my busy day job as there was minimal meal prep required.

“During the height of the pandemic in March, I was reaching the maintenance stage of my weight loss journey. I found lockdown to be a great focus point for me. Speaking frequently with my Consultant and sticking to my food plan helped maintain a sense of normality while working from home.

“Karen also set up a group called the Lockdown Warriors, allowing us to all support each other through the difficult time.

“I successfully lost five stone two pounds in only seven months, going from a size 14 to a size six.

“Lockdown provided me with more time to focus on starting my own journey as a Consultant. 

“I feel like I’m giving back to people and helping them achieve their targets, which is incredibly rewarding! I love helping people see the benefits for themselves.

“I’m thrilled with what I’ve achieved. Even though my main focus was losing weight for my wedding, seeing the positive benefits to my everyday life makes me even more motivated to maintain my current weight. Why wouldn’t you want to look and feel your best every single day?”

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