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NEW! Cucumber & Mint Water Flavouring

Cucumber and mint water flavouring
Cucumber and mint water flavouring

A perfect match!

You’ve got to try this super refreshing Cucumber & Mint Water Flavouring!

Not only does it make a delicious drink, but you can wobble it, fizz it, freeze it, share it, the list goes on…

Check out these super simple water flavouring product hacks:

Wobble me

  • Mix up water flavouring

  • Add some mix-a-mousse

  • Chill until set

  • Dig in!

Mocktail me

  • Just add fizzy spring water, ice and a slice!

Freeze me

  • Make up water flavouring

  • Pour into lolly mould

  • Put in the freezer until set, then lick!

Rocket me         

  • Mix up three different water flavourings

  • Fill the lolly mould with a third of each flavour, freezing each layer at a time

  • Then eat!

The Cucumber & Mint Water Flavouring is limited edition, so be sure to get your hands on it quick, as once it’s gone it’s gone! There are also five other fantastic flavours which make up the range; watermelon, raspberry & elderflower, orange, lemon & lime and golden vegetable (yummy with hot water!).

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